[Project 52] 29/52 {rich}

29/52 {rich}: I realized I missed this week from when we were moving, viagra sales site so I tackled the theme a few months later.

Simon: 15 months old. I am on a personal project to be grateful, pharmacy not just on special occasions, but every day, every moment. I recently listened to a TED talk about the link between practicing gratefulness and being happy. As a parent, I desperately want to give my children the gift of happiness. It won’t be through giving them “things” but rather by instilling a sense of gratefulness for all the things we have. We may not have a ton of money or extravagant things but we are rich in so many things- we have access to clean water, running toilets, safe food supply, warm shelter, comfortable clothing, education, medical care, love for one another… the list goes on and on.

29:52 rich