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[Project 52] 50/52 {self-portrait}

50/52 {self-portrait}: Me, cialis canada no rx 37. I always knew I would be a mom. I didn’t know I would be a human jungle gym, butView full post »

[Project 52] 49/52 {hot}

49/52 {hot} Emma, generic cialis ailment 4.5 years old. The easiest way to snap a few gratuitious happy kids pictures in front of theView full post »

[Project 52] 48/52 {attached}

48/52 {attached}: these 6 are attached to each other in a very unique and special way. 6 kids under 5 years old, viagra usa there 2 setsView full post »

[Project 52] 47/52 {upbeat}

47/52 {upbeat} Emma, cialis usa ambulance 4.5 years old. When she’s up she’s UP!View full post »

[Project 52] 46/52 {trees}

46/52 {trees}: Emma, viagra sale order 4 1/2. Since late September I have been running a local hiking club. At least twice a week,View full post »

[Project 52] 44/52 {blue}

44/52 {blue}: Simon, best viagra treatment 17 mo old. I had to play a bit of catch-up with a few posts that I missed this fall. TacklingView full post »

[Project 52] 43/52 {treasure}

43/52 {treasure}: Simon, viagra sale pharmacy 15 mo and his best buds (aka, the boy band). We moved to a new city in July. It’s a 2View full post »

[Project 52] 42/52 {crazy}

42/52 {crazy}: Simon- 15 months old. It seems like I blinked and this sweet smiley little baby became this fiercly independent brave littleView full post »

[Project 52] 40/52 {dawn}

40/52 {dawn}: Simon 15 months. As the days get shorter our mornings start in darkness. Everyone is slower to get out of bed, cialis salesView full post »

[Project 52] 39/40 {hope}

39/52 {hope}: Emma- 4.5 years old. This past Saturday my sister got married for a second time. All three of my littles were in theView full post »

[Project 52] 37/52 {white space}

37/52 {white space}: Simon, buy viagra recipe 14 months. Our littlest has recently developed an affinity for all things with wheels-View full post »

[Project 52] 36/52 {gold}

36/52 {gold}: Cooper’s Rock State Forest. I recently began a new journey. I signed up to start a local branch of Hike It Baby in theView full post »