When I was 14, I discovered that my school had a dark, musty basement photo lab and an inspirational and snarky photography teacher that were just the right match for my emerging dark and swirly stage (hey, we were all teenagers once!). I spent many hours in that basement learning my new craft. I found early on that I loved to photograph people, to capture their uniqueness on film. I especially liked to capture people in ways that made them feel interesting, beautiful, excited to hang the photograph on their wall. For several years I photographed weddings, always awestruck at the amazing joy coming from people on their most special day. I felt so honored to be a part of it. Then I went off to college and graduate school while the digital revolution was occurring, traded my film cameras and darkroom for a fancy new digital camera and printer and here I am, starting fresh, with a new focus that matches my life now: family. Although a clinical psychologist by trade, my first love has always been for my family. I love to capture the emerging personalities of my three little people, each so incredibly different and complex. I am excited to do the same for you, document that uniqueness of your family, the complexity and joy of each of you and your relationships with each other. I hope to take a photograph that you are excited to hang on your wall.