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[Project 52] 35/52 {emote}

35/52 {emote}: Emma, viagra sales hospital 4 years old. Being 4 is really really intense.View full post »

[Project 52] 34/52 {intense}

34/52 {intense}: Aubrey, discount viagra shop 4 years old- planning the descent can be pretty daunting.View full post »

[Project 52] 33/32 {people}

33/52 {people}: Aubrey & Emma- 4 and a quarter. On a good day they are best friends. On a bad day they can relentlessly annoy the crapView full post »

[Project 52] 32/52 {green}

32/52 {green}: Simon, tadalafil mind 13-months-old. 13 months of cloth diapers means hundreds of disposable diapers NOT in landfills.View full post »

[Project 52] 31/52 {adventure}

31/52 {adventure}: Aubrey and Emma, viagra decease 4 years old. This past Sunday, we bought the Sunday paper for the new town we areView full post »